Thursday, January 8, 2009


PEACEFUL DEMO IN SUPPORT OF PALESTINE! SOME of you may have received emails or text messages about a demo being planned for tomorrow after Friday prayers. It's being organised by a coalition of NGOs who bonded under the name of COMPLETE, which stands for Coalition of Malaysian NGOs Against the Persecution of Palestinians. A key member of COMPLETE, in her email said: "It is now over two weeks since the savage bombardment of the Gaza strip. Now reinforced with a full-fledged ground invasion, the Israeli forces continue their invasion of this already fragile and helpless land – one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, home to over a million people – despite international outrage and in defiance of all international humanitarian laws. Standing in solidarity against this barbarity, COMPLETE will be holding a peaceful demonstration and handing over of memorandum to the US Embassy on Friday (Jan 9) after Friday prayers. Anyone who wish to rally behind the Palestinian struggle are advised to gather at 2 pm outside Tabung Haji Complex in Jln Tun Razak before proceeding with the walk to the US embassy across the road. Attendees are advised to dress in black, white or red colours and any other Palestinian symbols (badges, scarves, t-shirts). Please bring along relevant placards/banners/posters. The time has come for us, as citizens of the world, as brothers and sisters in the human family, as conscientious individuals, to link hands across the divides of race, religion, and nationality, and to stand together against the tide of injustice and speak on behalf of the voiceless. It is our duty, our sacred responsibility, not only to humanity, but to ourselves. Say - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"


Rockybru said...

Tok Mat,

Syabas for starting the Save Palestine blog. Your Bosnian initiative in the early 90s when you were at the NST still fresh in the minds of many Malaysians ..

Anonymous said...


Syabas Bro Mat!

Muslims, Arabs and other peace-loving people have to really unite on this one and take collective concrete actions which can bite, however long ity may take.

Where have our dignity and respect gone too?

Let us seize this historic opportunity not just to condemn others but to also redeem and re-invent ourselves.

We cannot afford to continue doing a disservice to the ummah and God any more. We pray for God's help but we must also do what God has asked us to do.

InshaAllah together we can do it.

save palestine now said...

Sdra Rockybru and Anon 1215,

TQ for your words of encouragement. Let's all do it for peace and humanity. Your support is most appreciated..TQ

Unknown said...

Dear Datuk,

Should we want to have a meaningful and effective boycott, it should be done widespread in a well planned concerted effort as suggested by Tun M; means we must promote the same said effort with our friends worldwide.

I am very sure, with your strong international connections; we could pull the right string internationally that are able to HELP PROMOTE and CONVINCE THE WORLD COMMUNITY.

ONLY THEN can we have a meaningful HUMAN RACE SAVE PALESTINE campaign in place; ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Getting your high-ups contacts such as the top media people, top politician, top group leaders, both at home and abroad, to do their bit in promoting the campaign will definitely be the right and smart move.

As suggested by Tun M, boycotting US product is the most effective measure. But we must choose the right and critical US products and services.

At the same time we cannot have too long of a list that bored people and making life difficult.

It must be something simple and such an easy thing to do.

For us the normal people, I suggest that our boycott concentrates on US Product and Services that are Icons to their International Trade & Wealth e.g.:
- McDonalds
- Coca-Cola
- Pepsi Cola
- Starbuck
- Planet Hollywood

The government & private sector on the other hand could do the same by;
- Stop using of American Banks
- Stop trading in US Dollar
- No contracts to American Co

The Security Council will again pass a resolution that brings no Justice.

REMEMBER!!! The American has vetoed UN resolution 84 times and most of it are on Israel issues.

They are laughing at us as we can’t do a minute s**t – sorry for my language.

Dearest Datuk; you and your circle of friends could really make the much needed impact.

I know you have the right courage.

Anonymous said...

Spread the word! :)

AMAN PALESTIN (NGO Kemanusiaan) akan menganjurkan rapat umum ("rally") bertajuk RISE FOR GAZA / BANGKIT UNTUK GAZA bertempat di Stadium Malawati Shah Alam pada Sabtu,10 Januari 2009.

Harapan agar muslimin/muslimat dapat hadir memberi sokongan seramai mungkin walaupun anak-anak kecil untuk menunjuk simpati. TV Al-Jazeera akan membuat liputan khas mengenai rally ini.
Anda juga boleh membawa banner atau platcard kutukan untuk menunjukkan protes.
Tolong sebarkan kepada semua rakan-rakan dan sahabat handai untuk datang bersama-sama.
Sasaran peserta adalah seramai 20,000.

Pihak Akademi Insan Moreclass Hidayah akan berkumpul di depan tempat letak kereta Pasaraya HERO (Seksyen 13) tepat jam 9.30pagi SABTU untuk sama-sama bergerak menuju ke Stadium Malawati untuk RALLY/RAPAT UMUM ini.
Pihak Akademi Insan akan menyediakan banner/platcard untuk rapat umum ini. Sila hubungi pihak Akademi untuk maklumat lanjut atau layari laman web untuk maklumat lanjut.

Sekian, Terima Kasih

Unknown said...

Perhaps letters to embassies of muslim countries like Brunei, Indonesia and others to encourage them to come on board ...

I have already stopped buying those products mentioned above